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Study Name Who's Treated? Age Treatment components Duration Study Status
Multicenter Trial of Combined Pharmacotherapy to Treat Cocaine Dependence Cocaine/Crack users 18-60 Adderall-XR (MAS-ER) and Topiramate

Individual sessions of compliance enhancement therapy weekly

14-week outpatient medication trial requiring three clinic visits per week Active and recruiting participants
Mindfulness-Assisted Infusion for Drug Dependence Cocaine/Crack users 21-60

Individual sessions of mindfulness-cognitive behavioral therapy weekly

Inpatient hospital stay for 4-5 days followed by outpatient clinic visits for 4 weeks. Active and recruiting participants
A Sequenced Behavioral and Medication Treatment for Cocaine Dependence Cocaine/Crack Users 18-60 Adderrall-XR (60/80mg) or placebo (double blind)
Individual cognitive behavioral therapy and computer assisted relapse prevention practice weekly
15 week-outpatient treatment trial requiring three visits per week. Active and recruiting participants

Multicenter Trial of Combined Pharmacotherapy to Treat Cocaine Dependence

Individuals who use cocaine regularly often experience intense cravings for the drug, in addition to other psychological symptoms. Frequent urges to use cocaine can interfere with achieving and maintaining sobriety. This treatment study offers two medications geared towards alleviating the symptoms of cocaine dependence. Adderall-XR and Topiramate have independently shown promise in helping individuals with cocaine dependence, and the combination of these medications offers a potentially more successful approach to promoting abstinence.

Type of Treatment:
For this treatment study, patients participate for 14 weeks, visiting the clinic for 3 half hour-long visits each week. Patients are regularly scheduled to meet with a psychiatrist to discuss progress in treatment. As patients near completion of treatment, referrals are provided for further care as needed.

Adderrall-XR (60/80mg) or placebo (double blind)
Individual cognitive behavioral therapy and computer assisted relapse prevention practice weekly

This research study will include 15 weeks of outpatient individual cognitive behavioral therapy that incorporates a computerized relapse prevention skill building program. For some individuals this study will include medication in addition to the counseling. The medication part of the study will compare 80mg of dextroamphetamine (Adderall-XR to placebo), to see if the medication can be helpful in treating cocaine dependence. Some individuals will receive 80mg of medication and counseling, some individuals will receive placebo and counseling, some individuals will receive counseling alone.

This is a 15-week outpatient treatment trial that will require three visits each week. Participants will be asked to complete research questionnaires, provide a urine sample, and meet with treatment staff at each clinic visit. The individual counseling program includes meeting with a counselor and practicing the relapse prevention skills discussed during the counseling session using a computerized skill-building program. All counseling and practice sessions are completed in the clinic. All counseling and practice sessions will focus on 1) ending substance use 2) managing moods 3) and the prevention of future relapse. For some participants medication will be dispensed once per week during a study visit to be taken at home daily. After the study is finished participants are able to meet with their counselor for up to four weeks to review the gains they have made and develop a plan for continued treatment if requested.

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