The Substance and Treatment Research Service (STARS) is a program of Columbia University Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, conducting clinical trials for substance use disorder treatment. We offer free and confidential research treatment for a variety of addictive and co-occurring psychiatric disorders in a supportive and professional environment. We are conveniently located on Columbus Circle in midtown Manhattan.

Who We Are

STARS is a world renown center for conducting substance use disorder treatment research. Columbia University Medical Center faculty have conducted ground breaking studies developing treatment options for cocaine, marijuana, opioid, tobacco, and alcohol use problems.

Substance Information

What substances do we treat? Am I eligible to participate in studies? Will my family and friends know that I’m seeking treatment?

Answer to all of your questions can be found on our FAQ page.

Current Research Studies

To learn more about our current research studies and how to schedule an initial evaluation, click on the relevant substances from the menu.

If you’re interested in a study reach out to see if you qualify.